Victoriapark kijkdoos

Photo serie

From one basis to many unique homes.

Our building Victoiapark has a lot of apartments that are structured the same way. But every tenant changes the basis into their own unique home.

Are you also curious to see how other people have transformed their place into living spaces that accommodate their needs and made a home that is uniquely their own? 

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About the project

Through the photo series “Victoriapark kijkdoos”  we would like to show how people change the same place into their own unique homes. For an example of the final result, you can see view 1 on this page. 

This project is an initiative by designer Simone van den Broek and film director Tögöldör Mandar.  I (Simone) have a passion for projects that contribute to the quality of life and sustainability. Togoldor has his own company Griomf where he works on films that promote sustainable innovation and collaboration.

view 1