Team project

Design for behavioural change


Design for behavioural change | Project by Bu Jiayuan, Eva de Bruijn, Bernice d’Anjou and Simone van den Broek For this project we were challenged to design a way to fight smartphone addiction through the use of behavioural change techniques. In order to support people in the transition from the precontemplation (see Fig. 2) phase towards preparation(see Fig.

IoT Neighborhood


IoT Neighborhood | Project by  Michelle van Lieshout and Simone van den Broek IoT Systems are getting more widely used. They respond to the action of the user, learn from that and act autonomously. Most of the time, the user teaches the system how to behave. What would happen if a system starts to teach the user

Mood tracking for Self-Reflection


Mood tracking for Self-Reflection | Project by Davide Amorim & Simone van den Broek Insomnia is the regular occurrence of the inability to sleep. 33% to 50% of the adult population experience insomnia. Insomnia symptoms include: sleepiness during the day, increased stress levels and emotional instability, reduced creativity and memory, concentration problems and fatigue. All these

Beautiful data


Beautiful data | Project by Simone van den Broek, Jiachun Du, Ana Torralba, George Wu With an international team, we worked on visualizing big data. We made the visualization easy to understand through storytelling. This project was set up through a collaboration between Eindhoven University of Technology and Philips. This video shows the results of our project “Beautiful

Strangers Orchestra

In Seoul, the capital city of South-Korea people are always busy and on their way. People are so focused on their own tasks and goals that they feel excluded from others. They feel lonely but don’t have the courage to go talk to strangers and make new friends. Strangers Orchestra is an interactive installation that encourages strangers to sit and relax together. Strangers Orchestra uses interaction, music and animation to stimulate a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.



no.PHONE | Project by Simone van den Broek and Maud van Duren You see it everywhere these days, during dates, family dinners, meetings and even during movies in the cinema. People on their phones, laptops or tablets. During the no.PHONE project we researched this phenomenon and designed a way to help people take back the

Het draait om emoties (It’s about emotion)


Het draait om emoties (It’s about emotion) | Project by Peter Manders, Gary Soetodrono, Malou Groen, Julie van Groesen, Thijs de Vries & Simone van den Broek This interactive installation is built for a Dutch theater festival in Den Bosch. It emphasizes the importance of emotion during a theater play and how body language influences our daily lives and