Research: Effect of social and individual behavioral change techniques

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Design research | Simone van den Broek

Motivating desk workers to pick up a drink:
Exploring the effect of social and individual behavioral change techniques

To perform to your full capacity it is important to be sufficiently hydrated. You are sufficiently hydrated when you are euhydrated. Your body is euhydrated when the volume of water in the body is that which supports good health and function. This is different for every individual. When the euhydration level decreases with 2% or more, the body will be dehydrated and start showing performance inefficiënties. These inefficiencies are both physical  and mental. Examples of possible mental inefficiencies are decreased cognitive functions that lead to decreased concentration, decreased decision-making, and decreased memory. Examples of possible physical inefficiencies are low blood pressure, muscular weakness, headaches, changes in metabolism, dry skin and mouth. Not being on your hydration level means you can not perform to your full potential.

During this research study, two forms of behavioural change techniques aimed at motivating desk workers to pick up a drink are compared. One of the behavioural change techniques works on an individual level and one on a social level. Stimulating people to pick up their drink could help them to be euhydrated.

Full research paper: Motivating desk workers to pick up a drink exploring the effect of social and individual behavioral change techniques

Coaster Design

The coaster is the measuring device I made for the study. Participants were asked to always put their drink on the coaster during the sessions. The coaster would measure
when the drink would be picked up.

Inside the coaster is an 18 mm round pressure sensor. Resting on the pressure sensor is around plateau with a LED ring of 16 LEDs in it and a semi-transparent top. Both the LED ring and pressure sensor are connected to an Electron Photon chip. The chip contains the code that controls the receiving and sending of data. The chip receives data from the pressure sensor and controls the LED ring accordingly. The chip is connected to a cloud service via WIFI. In the cloud service lines of data specified in the code are received. Through IFTTT these lines of data are sent and saved into Google Drive spreadsheets.



Explanation sheet about the working of the coaster for part 1 of the study.
Explanation sheet about the working of the coaster for part 2 of the study.