Design for behavioural change


Design for behavioural change | Project by
Bu Jiayuan, Eva de Bruijn, Bernice d’Anjou and Simone van den Broek

For this project we were challenged to design a way to fight smartphone addiction through the use of behavioural change techniques.

In order to support people in the transition from the precontemplation (see Fig. 2) phase towards preparation(see Fig. 2) of the target behavior regarding smartphone usage, we have developed the concept Zen After Ten. To enable transitioning between these phases the user has to become aware and informed about thier behavriour, what the effects are, how thay can be diffrent and why this would benifit them. Zen After Ten aims to evoke discussion about the social norms regarding smartphone usage, in order to make these norms explicit and eventually reconsider them.

zen web

Zen After Ten is a temporary function added to chat applications that stimulates users to think and discuss their social norms regarding smartphone usage. It enables the user to review and become aware of social norms around smartphones.

Whole documentation : Design for behavioural change: Fighting Smartphone Addiction

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