Alive Bottle

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Alive Bottle | project by Simone van den Broek

In this modern day and time, we are always busy. From studying, working, kids, friends, family and spending free time. We are always running from one activity to the other. Because of this we sometimes don’t even take the time to take care of ourselves. A lot of people suffer from conditions due to not drinking enough water and staying hydrated. This can cause headaches, concentration problems, skin conditions and make you feel tired. The Alive bottle helps you to drink enough water so you will stay hydrated through the day.

How it works



The Alive bottle will help you drink water every hour.  The amount of water you should drink in an hour depends on what you set as your daily goal and active hours.  Depending on what glow state the Alive bottle is in you have plenty of time to drink water or have not drunk enough water the past hour.

The alive bottle has 5 different glow states that each indicate a different stadium.

Glow states
Green = You have plenty of time to drink water.
Orange = You might want to drink some water now.
Red = You really should drink some water.
White = You did not drink enough water this past hour.
Rainbow = You have drunk enough water for this hour!

Note: Even when you have drunk enough water, you can drink some more if you want to. This will be added to your daily goal. And means you will have to drink less water in the hours to come.



With the Alive app, you can monitor your water intake and progress. All settings and preferences are customizable.

The home screen shows what percentage of your daily goal you have drunk and what state the Alive bottle is in.

Here you can monitor your water intake over a longer period. You can see when and how much water you have drunk in a certain period (day, week, month).

Sleep mode
You can manually put the Alive bottle in sleep mode or set your waking time and light preferences for sleep mode.

Add water
If you have drunk a beverage without using your Alive bottle, you can still add it to you daily goal through this menu option.

Here you can set your daily goal, your active hours, level of activity and customize bottle states.


The Alive bottle charger is an inductive charger. When you set the Alive bottle on the charger station it automatically will start charging. Depending on your settings, the Alive bottle will also go in sleep mode when put on the charger station. When the Alive bottle is in sleep mode it will work as a night and wake up light. All settings for the sleep mode are customizable to your own preferences.

8. Final bottle design.

Project process

Click on an image for slide show mode and get more information about the project.




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