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Out of Order – Studium Generale 2019

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The past couple of months I have been working on organising the 2019 Studium Generale of Avans Hogeschool and Caradt Research center. Together with the team we set up a wonderful day full of inspiring lectures and workshops.

The 16 lectures and 6 workshops explored the concept of Out of Order. How can art and design influence the way we perceive our daily life and do our daily things? What happens if things do not work right or differently than we are used to? What happens if we shuffle thing around in ways we would not expect?

TU/e alumni walk

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As a Master Graduate of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology, I got to engrave my name in the TU/e alumni walk. Leaving your name in a place you learned so much and made so many good memories can only be described as an honor and is a wonderful way of commemorating my time there.


TEDx – TU/e Technology week

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During the TU/e Technology week, I got the opportunity to highlight the importance of sufficient hydration in daily life. The response was very activating and inspirational.

I’m in the new Ilyeo Board

Eindhoven Student Taekwondo Association Ilyeo | Activity Manager

During the general members meeting of September 2017 the Eindhoven Student Taekwondo Association Ilyeo changed boards. This coming year I will be a member of the board and will fulfill the role of Activity Manager.

I’m very excited to get the opportunity to promote sports and having an active lifestyle through Taekwondo. As the Activity Manager, I will be responsible for all the Ilyeo activities. This includes, for example, the bi-yearly belt exams, after belt exams dinner party, seminars, Ilyeo birthday, members meetings, team bonding activities and leading committees.

I look forward to all the fun and educational times we are going to have this year!

Student Advisory Board of the TU/e Career Center

Volunteer work | Simone van den Broek

As a member of the Student Advisory Board at the TU/e Career Center, I give feedback and advice to the TU/e Career Center on their activities, ideas and questions. The Career Center of Eindhoven University of Technology TU/e forms the bridge between students and employers. The Career Center offers labor market orientation, job matching, career coaching meetings and workshops to support TU/e students with their next career step.


Industrial Design – End of the Year Trip

Study trip 2017|California

During this summer vacation, I joined our study Association “Lucid” on a study trip to California. During our trip, we visited design studios like Astro Studios, Landor, O+A and RKS Design. We also visited the Academy of Art of San Francisco. In between our activities, we did a lot of sight seeing and group activities.

Our time in California went by like a dream. I had the most amazing time studying, playing and exploring with my fellow students.

Design case at RKS Design, Los Angeles.


Giving our presentations at Landor, San Francisco.

Experiencing our first baseball game.