Simone van den Broek
Design and Consulting

Design that evokes thought and action.

is what
I do

brand design

Brand design shows who you are
and what you do.

Industrial design

The quality of user interaction and user experience determines how effective a product will be.

Design research

Research develops new design opportunities.


Let's create
something together!


As a designer and consultant, I am specialized in projects that evoke thought and action. I have a passion for projects that contribute to the quality of life and sustainability.


My focus in any project is always on the target audience and the goal of the project. Through open conversation and research, I determine the best approach and develop the necessary designs.


Are you interested in what I could do for your idea or project?

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At the moment I do research on Bio-design at CARADT,  teach students about Behavioral Change Design and Design Research at Avans University of Applied Sciences and take part in multiple design projects.


After following a bachelor’s in communication and multimedia design at Avans University of Applied Sciences, I completed my master’s in Industrial Design at the Technical University Eindhoven.  My specialization is on Behavioral Change Design and Design Research.


This is a selection of my previous collaborations.