What I've been up to.

This is what I do when I'm not working on one of my projects.

  • Rhys Duindam
    Rhys Duindam | Eindhoven University of Technology | Supervisor Vitality Squad

    ” Simone gave valuable time to the university squad in both organization as well as content generation. And all whilst she worked on her own Masters diploma. It’s nice to see someone go the extra mile ”


    Rhys Duindam
  • Marcel van der Molen
    Marcel van der Molen | Avans University of Applied Sciences | Graduation Mentor

    ” Simone van den Broek is eager to learn and continuously working on improving her skills. Very pleasant to work with and is always open for new input and feedback. She is communicative, punctual, trustworthy and creative. Has good insights and knows how to put these into practice. In short, Simone is a very professional and pleasant student that I would highly recommend. ”


    Marcel van der Molen